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Other events coming to the Public Hall, Gosforth

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Entertainment direct from the Public Hall
Friday 7 July 2023 at 7:30 pm (doors open at 7pm)
Nuworks - theatre made in australia present
A charity night in aid of .....


Tickets will be available on the door
£10 for adults, £5 for u18 and £25 for a family of 4
Please support these very worthwhile causes
Sorry - cash only. We do not have the facility to take card payments.


If you were around in July 2017, you may remember a Charity Night in aid of the Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team and the Gosforth First Responders.  Nuworks' interpretations of Snow White and Romeo and Juliet were a great success and the evening raised over £1,000 for the charities.  We hope to do even better this time with their completely new and original show .....


This is the true story of the infamous Pirates: CALICO JACK, MARY READ and ANNE BONNY, adapted for the stage By David Dunn.
Music and Songs by Mark Howard, David Dunn, Lydia Saroto and Peter Noble (with 10 original songs )
Choreography by Meg Dunn
In a rollicking, slightly saucy tale of remarkable coincidence, Mary Read and Anne Bonny find themselves, females, masquerading as males in the male only world of cut-throat pirates of the Caribbean in the early 1700’s.
The Pirate Code expressly forbids women from coming aboard a pirate ship.
Mary and Anne survive through cunning and deception, forming a mutually beneficial attachment but history records that both along with Calico Jack are eventually captured by the Commodore and sentenced to death. What happens next? Thereby hangs our tale!

SUITABLE for 12 years old and above (or younger with parental advice - see below)

NUWORKS: Theatre Made in Australia is a not for profit, completely self-funded company of adventure seeking theatre lovers of all ages and persuasions with a goal to produce good theatre and make new and lasting like-minded friends wherever we roam.


As to age....we go by the standard that appears to be used by The National Theatre Company in London and here in Australia. Judging acceptable British community standards by this, we rate The Pirate Code suitable for 12 years of age and above.

Having said this, we live in very sensitive times and the last thing we want to do is give offense. The word ‘whore’ appears a number of times and the ladies are featured in a comedic way...they are the narrators of the tale. Other than that there is no bad language as such. A slight ‘bawdy’ suggestion of sex but nothing remotely physical. (More in the style of Black Adder ) There are sword fights and one rather serious hanging. 12 years and above is fine, but younger would also be fine depending on the child and the parents.



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